Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tea Day 2014

Apparently today was Tea Day. I'd never heard of it before, but of course there's a day for everything.
I love tea, so I'll try and remember this one >w<

Demmers Teehaus offered free tea from their adorable and tiny tea mobile.

I got myself a cup of delicious apricot tea.

In addition to being given a free hot cup of tea by nice people, what I liked best was that you were encouraged to take extra tea bags home with you so you could taste all the different flavours.

Ta to Demmers.
And a Happy Tea Day 2014 to you guys :)


  1. Happy Tea Day! :D
    Should have gone with you, I really want to try that apricot tea rn >w<

    1. I'm thinking of buying that apricot tea, so you can try it then >w<