Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Turtle-tastic Christmas

Just in case you're an older sibling and thinking you have the awesomest little sister ever: you don't. I do.

I knew I would be getting something self-made from my sister this year. That's all I knew about it though. She managed to keep me in the dark til the very end, even though she'd actually given me two hints: 1, she would need my dad's chair for the presentation and 2, I needed to bring sun glasses.

So on Christmas Eve (which, since we're Austrian, is when we celebrate) I got to my family's with no clue as what to expect (even with a carelessly revealed third hint: that my dad didn't know what it was .. which narrowed it down a bit if it was a fandom thing). I opened all my other presents first, so hers would get a big reveal. My mom got me a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack, which obviously I put on immediately.

(For the record: I'm a grownup. And not in the "I'm 18 now, so I'm an adult" way. If I were a Hobbit I would almost be of age.)

This got me my final hint: the backpack fit the occasion perfectly and I should don my sunglasses.
I panicked a little bit there, because I could not think of anything Turtles related that was so bright I needed sunglasses! What if I didn't recognize it and my sis (who for the first time ever I think liked what she made herself) would be disappointed?

Well ...

This is the face of someone who absolutely loves what they got!

An underling from Nick's TMNT Pizza Face episode
My sister had already made me an actual pizza looking like this before, but this one is permanent.

Re-gagging the prisoner after the interrogation.

Funnily enough the pizza is exactly the right size for my backpack so we took it along to our grandma's later in the evening as well .. where it unfortunately escaped.

Happy belated Christmas everyone! :)

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